What do you think? 

How much more could you earn if your guests are able to re-order a drink, whenever they actually would like to?

Let's number it: You have a hundred guests a day (we know it's way more, but just to make it an easy amount).

100 guests x 3,50 USD x 365 days makes an extra income of   127,750 USD   a year.

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Your Income

Expand And Fasten

Your Ways To Order

Reach Millions

Of Hungry People


Differently, to other listing portals, PROMPT CUISINE is not just an information platform. PROMPT CUISINE is only app based and brings interactive advantages to the Restaurant owner and the app user.

People of today loooove their Smartphones, right? With PROMPT CUISINE hungry people use the app not only to find nearby restaurants, but they can also interactively use the app for ordering, pre-ordering, paying and even for table booking.

Because it is easy, fast and time-saving they will want to use PROMPT CUISINE every time they dine out. 

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Why should you use PROMPT CUISINE?

To boost your income and to make it easy for your guest. Downloading one app, setting up their account one time and to know how to use the app's features will make it so easy for them to order and pre-order again and again. We all know - people like it easy! And that's the point for you - more orders.

List your location and use PROMPT CUISINE today to get your chance to be seen in the list of nearby restaurants of the PROMPT CUISINE app users location and get your extra orders.

It would be sad if they wouldn't find you.

Maximize your order ways with PROMPT CUISINE

We offer different functions for digital ordering included in our PROMPT CUISINE app. Such as:

QR Code ordering for your in-house ordering (on your table, on a sign, even on your 18th hole flag from your golf curse). Use it always, use it for rush hour times only or just in a certain area of your Restaurant.

Offering Food-in-Time for ordering in advance to eat in your Restaurant, to pick it up or even for delivery. Whatever you want to offer. Think about all your busy lunchtime guest being under time pressure. Wouldn't it be great to get them to come to you because they can order up-front and enjoy another drink or two?

You can even sell your merchandise, vouchers or event tickets with our Food-in-Time function.

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Get your money fast with online payment

Imagine all your guest's needs are their Smartphones. Always being able to have a snack or a great meal at your store. PROMPT CUISINE gives you common online payment options like PayPal and credit card. The money will come directly to you and we do not add additional fees to your standard payment fees of your provider and we do not work with your money.

At the moment we are even busy working on an integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Table booking - now a quick thing to do

Relieve your staff by not having to answer the phone for table booking inquiries. Just get your emails and fill your reservation book.

By the way: We do not charge extra for table booking service.

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Increase your Restaurants income


Imagine, you could boost your income just by getting your guests to order one more drink with every visit.

PROMPT CUISINE makes it possible for you:

No waiting time, it's easy, it's fast and there to use whenever your guests are thinking about ordering.