" Why working with us makes sense"

use the values of a growing global platform

you already know it all!

digitality is a "must-have" to stay alive in the restaurant business in the upcoming years. The young and the new generations will not want it any other way and will expect you to transform, or just visit your competitor, who is offering digital services instead.

you already know about that and that is why you are working with a mobile app, online ordering, and maybe with a kiosk-system. that is also the reason why we created PROMPT CUISINE.

you already spent a lot of money in your digital system and the marketing to get it accepted. you already built a team of marketing pros and developers.

So what's the value for you if you work with us?


we give you superpowers

you are great in reaching your regular guests, and they for sure enjoy your effort in your mobile app. but how do you reach the people who don't want to fill up their phones with one app for each restaurant brand?  What people want, or better said: why are amazon and doordash so successful?

easily understandable flows

if people know how it works and made good experiences, they tend to use something again and again.

people want a bigger variety

little people want to go to the same restaurant over and over. They want to have a variety in their daily life.   

information and action when needed

to always find information on the same spot and even being able to take action for all cases around dining is making people satisfied.
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let's forget about waiting times

give the people freedom and enjoyment

win loyal customers & one-time customers who don't even know about you yet
cut lines - order ahead

with our "food in time" function you give your guests the possibility to see your daily menu for lunch or breakfast and let them order ahead for a wished time. you can achieve better planning and your guests have more time to eat.

avoid waiting times

relieve your waiters and your guests - work with PROMPT CUISINE qr-codes for self-ordering. your guests use their own smartphone devices and you save big invests for app development and maintenance or kiosk-systems.

100% satisfaction 

your staff is working with our user-friendly system where you can see all incoming orders and bookings in one dashboard view or separately, exactly how you need it to be set up. we can create a daily digital stock report for your running pos system or you can use our pos system if you like. your success is our happiness.

everything you need

we offer everything your concept needs to work perfectly with your customers. and we are working highly flexible to fit best for your needs. - table booking, self-ordering, self-service, order ahead, dine-in, picking-up, and delivery options. You even get your money paid directly from the customer to your account.

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it's for free


why you should work with us

give great value to your guests

the one time downloading, setting up one account, and knowing how to use the app's features will make it easy for your guests to order at your restaurant.

we all know - people like it simple!

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third-party-deliveries are great

but our aim is to bring customers back to the restaurant to dine-in


we want to bring the people back to the restaurants

what are the reasons why people prefer to order food and eat at home? That's the question we have to answer to improve the situation so that they come back again.

we found out what's bothering people. it is mostly the waiting times, the mistakes in taking the order, it takes too long to get the order and unfortunately also incompetent operations.

That's why we designed PROMPT CUISINE and focused on the essentials. All necessary information and functions are provided, which can correct these deficiencies for you, and guests will enjoy to dine-out again.

increase your restaurant's income


use our order ahead function "food-in-time" to boost your lunch break business.

PROMPT CUISINE makes it possible:

reach new possible customers by offering our services.