" Why working with us makes sense"

use the values of a growing global platform

where to work best with PROMPT CUISINE

there is actually no concept which will not have a value from the use of PROMPT CUISINE. we especially created it like this, so you can offer everything needed in the restaurant industry but you don't have to offer it. you can offer or hide functions by one click or not put the qr-code out.

rather you have the value from being seen, finding relief for your staff, getting known or offering new possibilities of services your guests never had before.

and the best - everything is optional. nothing is a must. you can use table-booking or not. you can offer "food-in-time" or not and you can use our self-ordering option with the qr-codes or leave it. It is all up to you!

have a look at how to use PROMPT CUISINE for your concept  


concepts with service

the biggest problem for restaurants around the world is finding the right staff. just a few years ago, students had to finance their daily living by working in a restaurant. nowadays, most parents finance their children so they can better focus on their studies. with the increasing minimum wages, new problems are added to how restaurants can work profitably without having to raise prices and possibly scaring guests away.

relieve your flows and staff

with PROMPT CUISINE you relieve your staff and compensate for missing operating staff. thus, you can offer your guests a consistent service, even if you lack staff.

 you decide when you need help

the use of PROMPT CUISINE in the restaurant and your outdoor area is easy. you decide when you need help and simply regulate the deployment by placing the QR-code on your tables. you can also deploy the QR-code only in a specific area.

support busy guests

boost your guest's busy lunch breaks and more busy times in their lives. give them a chance to see your menu even before they come to you to order, pay and choose a time they want to come and eat in your restaurant, pick it up or even get it delivered if you offer so.

concepts with self-service

there are great concepts with self-service out there. think about all the nice beer gardens out there and we all love watching games live at the stadiums and don't want to be the one missing the important goal - don't we!

with PROMPT CUISINE you can now offer your guests an absolutley fantastic service they will LOVE and never want to miss again.

never miss out again

give the people the freedom and enjoyment to get their drinks and food

get more sales done because they are not missing out anymore
cut lines - let them order ahead

with our "food in time" function you give your guest the possibility to see your products and let them order ahead for a certain time (if they are on the way or for game breaks) so they can quickly pick up without waiting. your guest will enjoy not to miss out chatting time with friends and family or parts of the game.

offer unmatched service

place a qr-code on each table or chair. Either the same qr-code if the guest is to pick up or a unique qr-code if your are going to serve the customer. Your supplier can use the qr-code to identify where the customer is sitting and deliver their order. If you offer pick-up your guests will get a notificaton initiated by you.

amazing after show game sales

with our "food in time" function you can not only sell your food products. you can even sell merchandise articles and self printable vouchers/tickets for your events. you can, of course, add additional delivery costs.

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finger food & ice cream

no cash? - no problem!

do you struggle with people having no cash in their pockets?

PROMPT CUISINE is helping you out

you can put a PROMPT CUISINE qr-code on a sign and stick it somewhere on your food stand. your customer can scan the qr-code, place the order and pay online directly to your account.

work with PROMPT CUISINE now
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you need to be found?

as a food stand you often change location. working with PROMPT CUISINE gives you the power to show the people where they can find you today.

find videos about how to use PROMPT CUISINE here!

watch  our "how to use" videos

fine dine & golf courses

Use our order ahead function "food-in-time" to ease the lunch break for your guests

PROMPT CUISINE can make it happen

reach new customers by offering our services

VIP service

offer your precious guests the possibility to choose their menu and to choose an arrival time before the arrive, so that you can already prepare the table and the menu for your VIP guests.

smart marketing and order points

If you e.g. running a restaurant on a golf course, you could put a qr-code on the flag on the 18th hole or call attention to the PROMPT CUISINE service, inviting guests to order from you now, to reduce waiting times and to win customers. 

new trend - mobile ordering

even upper class people, especially the younger ones love their smartphone and would do everything with it, if they can. offer this service to show that you are open to your new and future customers.

Sell more then food

with PROMPT CUSINE you can sell more than only your menus. vouchers, tickets, merchandise, own products and whatever you have in your portfolio. reach out to your customers out there.