Do you want to improve your IT-help desk team?

Help desk coaching is a process, not a task!

Help desk coaching made for you

We know every company, every team, and every department is unique and has its problems and needs. That's why we create a coaching workshop for each customer. This way, we make sure it is all about you. What we do (just to name some points):

  • How to calm down upset users

  • How to communicate clearly, also to non-technical users

  • How to optimize listening skills

  • How to deal with demanding and frustrated users

  • How to work more efficiently
  • How to use and fill a company owned help-forum
  • How to manage user expectations
  • How to identify problems/issues faster

  • How to guide a conversation

  • How to document, follow up, and close tickets

  • How to resolve issues on the first contact

  • How to migrate users to self-support, and many more...

First Aid help plan

Use these tips to improve the quality of your help desk.

  • Start a user survey. Ask what they liked best so far and what you could do better.

  • Start a help desk team survey. Ask what they liked best so far and what should be getting better.

  • Provide technical skills training regularly.

  • Introduce a customer service rating system for your help desk agents. This will increase the performance and the reputation of your help desk.

  • Update your self-help portal (FAQs). Make sure that the requirements of your customers/users are reflected.